🚽 Toilet Drama in My Talking Tom Friends: Official Trailer 3 (NEW GAME)

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📣 The game you’ve always wanted is here! 📣 Talking Tom and Friends have moved in together and now... You can play with ALL SIX of your favorite friends in ONE AMAZING NEW GAME! 🎉
There’s NO LIMIT to the fun! It’s a 24/7, non-stop adventure - and it’s all yours!
❤️ Take care of them and give them awesome lives!
🎮 Play mini-games together.
🌱 Grow food in the garden.
🛀 Give them bubble baths!
🌶️ Feed them fun food - and watch what happens!
🛒 Go shopping at the mall!
🔭 Spot aliens!
💦 Have pool parties!
🚽 Take them to the toilet!
👑 Dress them up!
🥞 Flip pancakes!
🏥 Fix their boo-boos!
🎨 Paint!
🎸 Rock out on the guitar!
🎤 Sing!
💥 There are SO MANY incredible ways to have fun in My Talking Tom Friends! 🌟 The only question is… What do you want to do first?! 🧐
Play YOUR way! Download My Talking Tom Friends and create your own unique stories of friendship and fun: outfit7.com/apps/download/mttf-yt-description
Produced by Lunar Animation: www.lunaranimation.com/
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